Few People You should know in the School

forget about what number you were listed, its just a random thing…


Screenshot_2016-06-07-23-45-24-1           Meet one and only Somadina. his well reputed and known business man within and outside the school. his also among the first set of medical students that started the school. He also supported and sponsored the team AIUWA FC. Somadina has his own car, apartment and shop. deals with phones and computer accessories His one of the greatest students of the school business wise.


Screenshot_2016-06-08-00-43-00Donanty Kilonde is so unique. his humble, soft and gentle as a dove. he  hails from Chad. During his regime was the biggest and most anticipated event in the school (MISS AIUWA) started. A big thanks to him. he served as the student union president 2014/2015



photo_edit1Precious Tombari is known to be the biggest weirdo in the school.. lol that is funny but his actually a cool person. just as most of us know … a military man that became a pharmacist. his a well known business man deals mostly with houses (house agent), phones and laptops. Precious is a nice person when you get to know him even though he can kill you with his military stories


Screenshot_2016-06-08-00-02-26-1For real.. this girl is one of its kind… Saratu is the definition of beauty. based on the last year individual nans voting for the most beautiful Nigerian girl in the Gambia, Saratu defeated the angel, Nneoma by a few votes. Saratu is gentle, obedient, inteligent, caring ….. shes that woman every man dreams about.



TAIRATU (NEW AND FIRST FEMALE SUG PRESIDENT) she is the first female SUG president as she defeated 4 hefty boys in the presidential election. she is a woman with courage, dedication and devotion. she is indeed a strong woman. shes the present SUG president 2016/2017.


Screenshot_2016-06-07-23-48-33-1Oladapo Joseph is another classic business man. His well known in the school for his classic man (seems not to be on co operate these days… i hardly see him anyway) dressing and also his laundry service (EXECUTIVE LAUNDRY). He won the best dressed male nigerian student in the Gambia in 2015. he sells phone sometimes …. lemme just tell you what they say about him “if there is anything you want in the Gambia, ask Dapo he will get it for u” his funny, loud and just there  like that… he also participated in the 2015/2016 sug as the social secretary



left: Abel

Abel Abba is another nigga in the school… his just that person that got his name on everybody lips… his popularly known as JAGGUAR.. he sings, dance, play football and also has the record of the highest party organizer . he also brought the impression ‘cmit boys’ in the school. his probably the most popular aiuwa student within the campus. his cool (sorry didn’t mean to say cool as in cool…) funny and jaiye boy. no one in the football team can also forget his magical goals… he has the longest distant goal in the history of Aiuwa FC


Screenshot_2016-06-07-23-57-32-1Olaye Gaius is another dude known for his body transformation from Ertoti to stanley (just fibbing)… but his just one hell of a nigga… some people call him ladies man because of his sexy body and cute face. his also one of the tallest students in the school 6’6.. musician, dancer, footballer and also basketball. his a boy with so many talents and very handy. his also the present Mr Aiuwa. he participated in the 2015/2016 SUG as social secretary




right; Promise

Okereke Promise is another unique student with a determined mind. He was the president for the 2015/2016 SUG. under his regime, he introduced MR AIUWA to be combined with the MISS AIUWA started by Donanty. also in charge of the team AIUWA FC eversince Ekanem passed away (RIP). Promise is a young boy with so many achievements and aspires to be great. his very good with football and basket ball


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