My first time of watching D.O.E dance

Fanta Modu

People say a lot of things about the group DOE they can dace, whine and stuffs like that so i decided to come see for myself on 3rd June… fortunately it was the final of the so called ‘u think u can dance’

They tried anyway but the energy was not there.. and it was below my expectation not only me but also my friends… i just admire the fact that they are medical students and they still dance well.. all i want to say is they should not give up and try harder next time.. and some of them should be removed from the group. i don’t know their names individually if not i would have listed them. good work girls… i will invite you to dance for my sister’s wedding in July


One thought on “My first time of watching D.O.E dance

  1. waow, coming from someone I am sure can not dance…Good work Fanta Modou. Atleast someone has the balls to say something about D.O.E. And as for your sister’s wedding, they’ll think about it.


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